Our History:  I have been involved in the world of purebred dogs for well over forty years now, both in obedience, theory work and conformation.  In 2011 I met this cute little scruffy thing they called a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno and instantly fell in love.  I came home from that dog show and started doing my homework.  I read everything I could find, which at that time was very little as they were in the Miscellaneous Class and had not yet reached full recognition from AKC.  I spoke to breeders and the President of the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club of America.  During one of our long conversations she jokingly said she was having trouble finding someone to help her show her dogs in a show coming up that very weekend.  So my husband, the generous person that he is, hopped on a plane the next day and off to California he flew, with no intention but to help show her dogs.  Well, to make a long story short he came home with our first two Pequenoes, Miguel Da Casa Da Maio and Daisy Da Casa Da Maio. and the adventure began.  Going to dog shows, meet the breeds and anywhere else we could show off these wonderful little dogs.  In 2013 AKC recognized them into the Hound Group and we took our little family to Eukanuba in Orlando Fl.  for our very first National Dog Show where Miguel became the first Best of Breed winner.  To say the least we were thrilled.  We’ve come a long way since those days with nine champions to our credit.  Each and every one with their own special place in our hearts.

We are a small hobby kennel, breeding for health, structure, temperament and instinct.  All our dogs have been OFA and DNA cleared for any inherited diseases.  We are both members of the Portuguese Podengo Pequenos of America Inc., Parent Club, where I am now the Past President and currently the “Meet the Breed” committee chair as well as the “Education Chair.”  My husband, Bud, is the Chair of the Health and Research Committee as well as our Media Committee where he serves as the webmaster for our website and pedigree data base.  All of our puppies are raised to be happy, healthy, dogs whether for the conformation ring or just loving family pets.

Kindly take a moment and look through our website.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed this wonderful experience in the world of purebred dogs.

Rose & Bud Hidlay

Breeders of Merit